Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kelly’s 5 Summer Must Haves!

Kelly’s 5 Summer 
Must haves! 

Honestly, it was hard to choose just five... but here they are... 

1. Earrings with tassels. I’m obsessed. I love them all including these from DADA (located on Pearl Street) 

2. I’m white y’all. And I’m heading to the beach soon. Tanning beds are bad and so is the sun. This self tanner from Body and Brow (located in the Underground Station) is a lifesaver! 

3. When it cools down and you want to spend time outside but you don’t want the nasty bugs or an ugly citronella candle, this candle from Madhouse (located on Spring Street)  is stylish and does what it needs to do. 

4. This wine glass. Momma loves her mommy juice. And she wants to look cute while drinking it. Regalo (corner of Pearl and Market) has the cutest stuff! 

5. Nothing says summer like pina colada and the Grain House (located off Main Street behind Floyd County Brewing) has the best frozen drinks! I love them so much! 

Let me know your favorite by commenting on the Instagram or Facebook post! 🌞🌞🌞

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