Saturday, May 19, 2018

What’s today?

Today is a difficult day for me. I still carry around a lot of hurt feelings from what happened to me last August. But I also carry around a lot of gratitude from what happened last August. I have debated on writing this because I preach almost daily about how my page is a positive page, but I have also been completely open and honest with everyone. So here we are... 

If you don’t know the story.... 

Once upon a time, there was a young lady, ok fine, a lady in her late 30’s who still tries to live life in her 20’s, who worked and played in downtown New Albany. She loved New Albany. She loved New Albany before it was even cool. She spent time in Connors, Studios, Preston’s Art, Jackson’s Seafood (ugh I miss that place), shoot even Fashion Shop when it was downtown. Along came a boy with a taco cart. He had his taco cart on the corner right by where this downtown New Albany girl worked. This girl now loves everything downtown and these tacos. Tacos were life. Everyone knew how much this girl loved tacos. People would always tag her at all these taco events that she couldn’t go to. Finally this girl had enough. She wanted to have an event to celebrate two of her loves, tacos and New Albany. She was determined. But she had never thrown an event before. So this girl went to a local organization to help her. 

This girl worked hard on her presentation. She outlined all the details. The date, time, costs, procedures. She went around to the restaurants to pitch this crazy idea and get verbal commitments. She did everything. Even designed the T-shirt’s. She came up with the selfie scavenger hunt so there would be promotion of all of the wonderful boutiques we had downtown. 

Then things started to change. She felt like she was being pushed away. Think “Mean Girls” you can’t sit at this table. She was even asked not to comment on the event page. Sure, it bothered her at first that she wasn’t included as an admin on the event page, but now she couldn’t even comment and answer questions? 

It was getting harder and harder to get information. Emails were ignored. She offered and offered to help. She had to fight to stay involved. 

The day of the event she was ignored. One person wouldn’t even speak to her. She had to just show up and guess where they would be getting everything together. This girl had two teenage boys who were beyond proud of her for coming up with this event. For the first time she was actually a cool mom. She had promised her boys that they could be part of it and hand out T-shirt’s. She was then told by the person who refused to speak to her that she didn’t want them to work the booth. This taco loving mom was crushed. Embarrassed. Shamed. Right in front of her children. 

This girl’s idea was not hers anymore. It belonged to the organization now. It went from her event to their “signature” event. After the event she sent several emails asking to have her event back. They were ignored. Finally she was able to set up a meeting so she could ask for her event back. “When someone comes to DNA with an idea, it becomes DNA’s idea” is what she was told. During the meeting she was talked down to. But hey, she finally at least sort of got a “thank you”. She left the meeting crying. Literally crying. It was quite embarrassing for her. 

But she took that anger, she took that determination and she worked her butt of to build a page to accomplish what she wanted to accomplish in the first place. And she has met so many wonderful people. So many friends. She is grateful. She is blessed. Crap, now she is crying typing this. #getyourshittogethergirl 

So if you have supported this girl, thank you. 

And they lived happily ever after or whatever. 

**edit- just wanted to add that not one single member of DNA has attempted to reach out to me to make things right. I think I would feel better if there was some sort of attempt. And some of these members are owned of businesses I promote on my page***

***sorry, another edit.  The taco walk was not the only idea that was taken. I had discussed with a member how I wanted to bring back the “one night stand”. DNA is having one now. Good idea 🙁


  1. Wow what a tough story. I’m sorry to read all that happened but glad that it led you to create an ever growing IG page with great content. Just since I started following you a few weeks ago I’ve already bookmarked a few places I didn’t even know existed. Your passion shows clearly through your posts and I hope you become more involved in perhaps organizing future events should you choose to go that route.

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words and love that you are discovering places. And yes! I am planning events! Fashion show/ flea in the alley in June and a beer walk in August!

  2. Live. Learn. Keep Living. In no way do I mean "forgive" or "forget." Surge onward. The world is much larger. New Albany is much larger. That organization lost its way a long time ago. While they think they are the hammer, they are only a nail. Don't be a nail.


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