Friday, April 27, 2018

The world of business and social media

So I’m going to lay out some cold hard truth for y’all. If you are sensitive, get your feelings hurt, please stop reading here. 

Lately I’ve been noticing a couple posts from local New Albany Businesses that have been negative.  I was like huh? Your business is hurting? Because I’m pretty sure there are some businesses around here doing fantastic. Yes, we have had a couple businesses close lately, but there is something that businesses who closed and the businesses that are struggling have in common... their social media presence suck. Yes, I said it, suck. 

Local businesses in downtown New Albany have several wonderful resources. Facebook, Instagram and New Albany Social. No, I’m not saying that New Albany Social is responsible for booming business in New Albany, but by golly, it’s not hurting. Don’t worry, I’m not that full of myself. 

I did a little research and looked at a couple of businesses that have claimed lacking business. Instagram for example... business X last posted on Instagram over a month ago. Uhhh yeah. Business Y.... has less than 100 followers.  Uhhhh no. Also, these businesses have not reached out to me. One even ignored me when I reached out to them. Again, I’m not saying my page is the best thing ever but it’s free promotion. Why would you not take advantage? It’s a new page but a growing page! A page with a ton of interaction.  Not to brag but my page gets more interaction than a similar page with over 26k likes. Interaction = more reach. Numbers don’t lie. 

So the moral of the story, work. Work on your social media game. Is it easy? No. Is it worth is? Yes. Businesses are forgotten about if there are not seen. 

Post! Post more than once a month. 
Post something interesting. 
Post something that makes me want to come in to your business. If I want to see a meme I’ll go follow my Uncle Tom. And for Pete’s sake, I don’t care what stupid National holiday it is. 

Educate yourself. How does social media work? What tips? My page is only 7 months old and I’m already at 1800 likes. How? I asked for help. I listened when people offered help. 

And that’s my two cents. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Derby Ready!

I was so honored to work with Matt last week on this video. When I kind of accidentally started this page I never would have dreamt that it would grow as much as it has. I never dreamt that it would bring me to get to know and work with such cool, talented people like Matt. My heart is so full. 

And my face is a little red, as much as I love to show everyone the amazing places we have in New Albany, I am definitely not used to this, or even wearing makeup lol. It was fun though. 

Please give the post a look 👀 


Derby is four weeks away!! It takes a village to get ready for Derby, and downtown New Albany is the perfect place to get ready! Enjoy this video of my Derby preperation! Thank you Matt Simpson, you are amazing. 

First outfit: cardigan from Scarlet and Olivia Boutique

tshirt from True North

coffee from 410 Bakery

brows done by Body and Brow Boutique

Derby outfit: jumper and fascinator from Colokial

necklace and shoes from Mariposa Consignments

hair and makeup done by Kat McKyle HMUA

yummy drinks by Brooklyn and The Butcher (seriosly good drinks). 

Check out the video here:

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