Wednesday, March 21, 2018


In case you have been living under a rock, or under a foot of snow... it snowed. It snowed a lot. On the first day of spring. Am I bitter? Well yeah. But as our good buddy Jason Dailey from Dailey Wellness and Massage reminded us-

“No winter lasts forever. 
No spring skips its turn. 

Be grateful for the beauty around as winter stretches out one last time before the rebirth and sweet spring winds roll in bringing life all around.” 

Blah, blah, blah. Just kidding Jason ❤️

Downtown New Albany was hit with almost 10 inches by Wednesday morning. Local, family owned businesses had the usual struggle of opening or not. The weather will cost these businesses, so make sure to go visit them soon!   

For now enjoy some pics from the downtown area. 

Seeds and Greens opened today! If you didn’t make it today, make sure to go try the Cuban soon! 📷 Stacey Friebert 

Eric Morris of Gospel Bird reminded us of the difference between this year and last year. (Insert a million crying emojis here) 📷 Eric Morris 

A shot from the Underground, Station that is. Aladdin’s is open for business today! 📷 Mike Sajaja 

Laura Haehl from Seven Sages Financial Strategies bundled up and looking adorable. 📷 Laura Haehl 

One of my favorite spots to take my lunch to go. Kind of a hidden treasure in New Albany. 📷 Dana Wenzler Wright

Main Street, somewhere. 📷 Sara Smith 

Outside of Kula Center. Inner Spring Yoga is still on for evening classes! 📷 Carrie Klaus 

Beechwood Ave 📷 Amy DeHate 

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