Friday, March 23, 2018

Integrating Healthy Habits

Today I did a live Facebook video with Laura from Integrating Healthy Habits. We also did a “discovery session” which was honestly a real eye opener for me. The process including filling out a questionnaire sheet that was emailed to me. The questionnaire is similar to what you would fill out at a doctors office, age, height, weight, etc. Then it gets into your personal habits with eating & activity. I guess I never realized how awful my habits were until I had it down on paper. While there are many habits I need to change I have to give myself some credit for the good habits I do have, and Laura helped me realize that. 

There are many options if you would like to have coaching from Laura including group coaching or one on one coaching. 

You can contact Laura through the Integrating Healthy Habits Facebook page 

If you would like to watch the live video here is the link: 

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