Thursday, March 29, 2018

Traditional cupping

Today I visited Dailey Wellness and Massage located in the Kula Center. It was not my first visit with Jason, but it was my first experience with “cupping”. We did a live video during the cupping process so if you’re curious about the process here is the link:

I must say, doing a live video with no shirt on was a bit awkward. It will be my first and last. Sharing everything awesome in New Albany is my goal, so that means sharing everything lol. #keepingitreal 

Cupping is exactly what it sounds like. Jason placed the cups on my back and my skin was auctioned up into the cup. Here’s the description from the Dailey Wellness and Massage website 

Stole this from Jason’s comment: 

The basic gist of cupping is that when our muscles become so tight that they can’t release, they trap in the surrounding blood flow and your body is not efficient at supplying that area with oxygen and nutrients. The cups come in and pull that “old blood” up to the surface (that’s where the discoloration comes in) and allows new blood flow to enter the right muscles allowing healing to take place from within. The old blood is then processed through the lymph system and recirculated brought the body the your gift muscles get some pretty major relief.

When he placed the first cup it was the weirdest feeling. Almost like a tickle. During the process it is not exactly comfortable and relaxing. Your skin in being suctioned up in the cups so there is some pressure and pulling. Apparently I had a ton of tension in my back because my body reacted quick. And I can attest to that, I carry a lot of stress in my back. And I feel it. 

When Jason released the cups, whoa. It felt a huge release. It felt like I had a brand new back. All the tension disappeared. The tightness was gone. 

I loved it. 

So here’s the picture of my back after the cupping. (And yes I need more yoga, yikes #fatback) 
(And yes, I have a tramp stamp 🙄. 18 and stupid, you were right mom) 

I will definitely be doing this again! 

Also, I will be posting pictures of my back every day so you can see what happens to the “kisses”, so check back if you’re curious! 

If you want to make an appointment with Jason, follow this link 
Some of the spots are a little tender, but only when I really apply pressure to the spot. A tiny bit of itching too. But honestly I forgot about all the spots, but I was reminded frequently by coworkers lol. I’ve had a lot of questions and the best way I have decribed it is holding a fist tight, that was my back before, then opening my hand a releasing the right fist representing my back now. So a big release. 

Here is my back today: 

Day three: 

Not feeling any itching or tenderness today. My back is still feeling relieved of tension. Circles are starting to fade. 

Day five: 

It’s turning yellow! Fading too! Still feeling relieved! 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Integrating Healthy Habits

Today I did a live Facebook video with Laura from Integrating Healthy Habits. We also did a “discovery session” which was honestly a real eye opener for me. The process including filling out a questionnaire sheet that was emailed to me. The questionnaire is similar to what you would fill out at a doctors office, age, height, weight, etc. Then it gets into your personal habits with eating & activity. I guess I never realized how awful my habits were until I had it down on paper. While there are many habits I need to change I have to give myself some credit for the good habits I do have, and Laura helped me realize that. 

There are many options if you would like to have coaching from Laura including group coaching or one on one coaching. 

You can contact Laura through the Integrating Healthy Habits Facebook page 

If you would like to watch the live video here is the link: 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sun is out! Let’s shop!

After being stuck in the house yesterday I was ready to get out and walk the downtown streets! And shop of course. 

I parked my car and then me and my trusty side kick (two year toddler) walked several blocks. Just in case you didn’t know, we have several public parking lots located around New Albany. Take advantage of the sun and free parking, walk! 

Everyone has their new spring items out and I fell in love with everything! 





Scarlet & Olivia Boutique 




Wednesday, March 21, 2018


In case you have been living under a rock, or under a foot of snow... it snowed. It snowed a lot. On the first day of spring. Am I bitter? Well yeah. But as our good buddy Jason Dailey from Dailey Wellness and Massage reminded us-

“No winter lasts forever. 
No spring skips its turn. 

Be grateful for the beauty around as winter stretches out one last time before the rebirth and sweet spring winds roll in bringing life all around.” 

Blah, blah, blah. Just kidding Jason ❤️

Downtown New Albany was hit with almost 10 inches by Wednesday morning. Local, family owned businesses had the usual struggle of opening or not. The weather will cost these businesses, so make sure to go visit them soon!   

For now enjoy some pics from the downtown area. 

Seeds and Greens opened today! If you didn’t make it today, make sure to go try the Cuban soon! 📷 Stacey Friebert 

Eric Morris of Gospel Bird reminded us of the difference between this year and last year. (Insert a million crying emojis here) 📷 Eric Morris 

A shot from the Underground, Station that is. Aladdin’s is open for business today! 📷 Mike Sajaja 

Laura Haehl from Seven Sages Financial Strategies bundled up and looking adorable. 📷 Laura Haehl 

One of my favorite spots to take my lunch to go. Kind of a hidden treasure in New Albany. 📷 Dana Wenzler Wright

Main Street, somewhere. 📷 Sara Smith 

Outside of Kula Center. Inner Spring Yoga is still on for evening classes! 📷 Carrie Klaus 

Beechwood Ave 📷 Amy DeHate 

Friday, March 16, 2018

What’s going on? Weekend of March 16 & 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Friday March 16


Music by Kevin Rees
River City Winery 


Saturday March 17 🍀


Wax Factory 

Larsen J Rapp & Anna Marie Blanton 
The Exchange 

Floyd County Brewing 

The Griffins 
Cafe 157 


Cafe 157 

The Exchange 



New Albany Social 
Easter Egg Hunt for the big kids continues! 
Saturday 11am 

Star Wars Day 
New Albany- Floyd County Public Library 



Vintage Style & Designs




Cafe 157




My CrossFit journey

What happens when you run a Social page promoting downtown businesses? You eat at local restaurants. What happens when you eat at local rest...